Jay Kristensen Photography | About
Several years after discovering a new passion, Jay Kristensen Photography began providing professional services in early 2004 in the Chicago metropolitan area.  In 2005 I was selected to be part of "Project: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom" which consisted of just over 100 photographers across the country.  This group that Adobe selected got early access to their (at the time) unreleased revolutionary photography software to help beta test for final development.  After having images appear in numerous high level advertising campaigns and also in national publications, I temporarily left the commercial photography industry to relocate my family to central Illinois.  Over the last few years, the business has redeveloped and evolved.  Twisted X Studios was created to handle commercial photography, video production and graphic design services while portrait, event and private work will still be a part of the original company.  We have a custom trailer equipped with everything we need for location shooting from lighting and power to monitors and storage which is essentially is a mobile workspace.  In addition, I am a FAA licensed commercial UAV (a.k.a. "drone") pilot with over 15 years of remote piloting experience which means aerial photography and videography projects are no problem.  Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or to book a session!